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8 December


Which team has got the best chances to win the 2011-2012 Russian Championship?

Spartak Volgograd

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TV-Channel "Zvezda" tells about "Sintez"


They've lost the victory in away game and will need to play back at home. Water polo "Sintez" has been preparing for the return semi-final battle against "Shturm-2002" to be held in Kazan on April, 1.

Our present-day opponents are current champions, never beaten by "Sintez" this year. April, 1 is the time to change the scenario. What is about the mood at the club? Anna Anakulova tries to find out the details:

This game does not need advertising, say the organisers, - therefore there's just one invitation buklet at the entrance of the swimming-pool. Water polo fans are looking forward to see the battle with their own eyes. There's not an inch of room at the tribunes of "Orgsintez", counted just for 600 seats.

Kirill Makarov, "Sintez" director:

- If we loose- no chance to proceed fighting for the gold, so we have to win at home this time and after that in Chekhov. We are aware of the responsibility we bear, though all the guys have a good mood to play!

"Sintez" has got enough motivation to fight, since in Chekhov they were at a hand to win, leading 2:0 after the 1st quarter, failed to win, loosing 1 ball in the end.

Irek Zinnurov, WC "Sintez" vice-president:

- We lost our game in Chekhov, experiencing some problems with the power play, and will do our best to play back here in Kazan!

The line-up of "Sintez" has suffered a few changes in comparison with the starting semi-final game. Dejan Savic got injured his left hand and will be likely substituted by Tomas Schertwitis, thus suffering the defence and increasing the attacking power. No doubt: "Shturm" will be looking forward to aqcuire his pass to the final, while "Sintez" will do his utmost to prevent it.

Anna Anakulova, "Stolitsa"