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8 December


Which team has got the best chances to win the 2011-2012 Russian Championship?

Spartak Volgograd

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Today, on 28 April, 2015, Russian Cup kicked off in Volgograd to give the chance for the 8 best  clubs to compete for the second important home trophy.
Kazan water polo club "Sintez" tied to KINEF from Kirishi in their first game of the Group A. Leading 3:2 and 6:4 our team did not retain the advantage till the buzzer to finish the clash at 9:9.
Tomorrow, on 29 April, Kazanians will compete "Dinamo" from Moscow and hopefully take the chance to play back for their off-site duel at the Russian Championship this year.
Russian Cup. Volgograd. Group "A" 28 April, 2015
KINEF (Kirishi) - Sintez (Kazan) 9:9 (3:3, 1:3, 2:0, 3:3)
Goals scored for Sintez Kazan: Timakov (2),  Nagaev (2), Stepanyuk (2), Shepelev (2), Elizarov (1).