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8 December


Which team has got the best chances to win the 2011-2012 Russian Championship?

Spartak Volgograd

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Speculating on the coming season


Djavdat Abdullin for "The Events of the Week"

One could consider the bronze of "Sintez", acquired at the national championship this season, as a step back. To compare the bronze with the previous achievements, so as "Sintez" used to win the National Championship, "Len Trophy" Cup and the Cup of Russia. But one should't judge the season just upon the team's rank, I realised that in the interview of the head coach Vladimir Zakharov, took place just after the season was over.

- It was quite clear, that we're in a specific position, unlike our opponents, said the head coach at the beginning of the interview, - "Shturm" and "Spartak" had preserved their line-ups, and even made them stronger, while we started to loose. We believed, we would be able to build up the team in course of the season, to play back the absence of such stars as Vladimir Gojkovic and Danilo Ikodinovic, though those losses were not possible to overcome. It takes much time, patience and strong will of the team members to sew the new model of the game. Therefore we have changed our strategy: shifted to the team-game...And it seemed, that in the semi-finals against "Shturm-2002" was at an inch to the success, though didn't manage to show our best. We used to sohw good game in "Len Trophy" Cup battles, thought "at times" was not enough to win it. Quite clear, that we're not sat with the results of the season. To explain this result there are several reasons. One of them is that due to some economic reasons we didn't manage to have all the training camps we had planned and the lack of test-games with good opponents was quite evident. So taking in consideration all said above, there is nothing, but to be pleased with the bronze of the National Championship and the qualification for the Len Trophy semi-final.

- Quite clear, that your team has suffered from the global economic crisies, due to which you didn't have the opportunity to organise training camps, have test games abroad and etc. Do you know if it goes the same with your opponents?

- As far as I heard, "Shturm" has come accross some difficulties as well. Anyway, water polo is not a very expensive sport, comparing to football and ice hockey, and I belive, that the Moscow region government will find the necessary resources to go on developing water polo. Never wish to loose a strong opponent. Victory over a strong rival gives much more pleasure, that defeating a weak one. Crises touched every one, although our sponsors, I mean TAIF and Kazanorgsintez, are still doing everything for our team.

- What are you plans for the future?

- In June we'll let the team have a rest to start the preparations for the coming season in the beginning of July. It's difficult to discuss the concrete scheme of the pre season preparations so as we still don't have the concrete calandar for theNational Championship. I guess, we'll start training in Kazan, then, if we have the opportunity, will go to have practice of games abroad.