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Russian championship: Round#6

8 December


Which team has got the best chances to win the 2011-2012 Russian Championship?

Spartak Volgograd

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"SINTEZ" went to start the final


Yesterday our delegation went to Milan, spending one day in Moscow. Today morning "SINTEZ" will go to Brescia, the place of the coming battle.

Vladimir Zakharov, the head coach:

- The fact, that in the line-up of "Systema" there are 6 foreign players, while the stardads of the national Championship of Italy permits to use only 3 of them, shows that the team relies hopes for gaining the Cup. We heard, that our rivals took much efforts when preparing for the 1st match. We guess they worked to increase endurance for about 2 weeks thus loss of points with "Pro Recco" (3:10) does not reflect the tru to life power of the team.

Kirill Makarov, the director:

- I'm sure, it will be not an easy task for us to cope with such a stong rival as "Systema". They are rich both in history of gaining results and in actual strong players, who knows how it is to win. The fact, the team got the Cup in 2002 and 2003, speaks louder than words.

Irek Zinnurov, the captain:

- I'm proud, my native team, where I started beeing a junior, has managed to get to the Final Match Len Trophy Cup. Our city has been waiting for this for 1000 years, which jubileum we had celebrated this autumn. The previous season our team was the so called "dark horse", able to bring suprises. This season we are expected to play strong, which makes our road to success more difficult. On behalf of my team-mates I assure you, we will do our best to show our best. We are conscious of the responsibility put on our shoulders. "SINTEZ" is the only team from Tatarstan got to the final the millenium year.