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8 December


Which team has got the best chances to win the 2011-2012 Russian Championship?

Spartak Volgograd

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"Sintez" flew to Montenegro


On Sunday morning water polo players of the club "SINTEZ" went to Montenegro, where they are going to stay till September, 28, to have training camp there, which will make the team ready for the start in All-Russian and international arena. Kazanians are now in a very picturesque seaside not far from Novi Sad, though, as the coaches say, they will not have time to rest so as the players will have two times a day practice, i.e. swimming and gym. There can be conducted friendly matches against some of the Montenegro clubs.
"SINTEZ" went to Montenegro in the following line up:

goalkeepers: Dmitry Dudkin, Timour Nurmukhametov
defenders: Vladimir Basik, Pavel Katkov, Kirill Tikhonov.
forwards: Marat Zakirov, Dmitry Elizarov, Denis Zhivchikov, Artur Fatakhutdinov, Irek Zinnurov.
central forwards: Andrej Belofastov, Albert Zinnatullin, Jury Smolovy.
Dejan Savic, Danilo Ikodinovic and Vladimir Gojkovic have joined to the team in Montenegro.