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Russian championship: Round#6

8 December


Which team has got the best chances to win the 2011-2012 Russian Championship?

Spartak Volgograd

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Introducing the rival


The line-up of "Shturm-2002" seems really strong so as they have got Revaz Chomakhidze, Roman Balashov, Serguey Garbuzov, Dmitry Stratan with their huge experience of playing in Olympics and World Champs at their disposal.

Historical notes. Water polo club "Shturm-2002" was founded in 2002, and in spring of 2003 already got broze medals of Russian National Championship. The next year's silver opened the road to Euroleague, where in 2004 the team  managed to qualify to "Final Four". In November-2004 Chekhov team won the  tournament, took place at home, since becoming regular. In 2005 the team went the last step to the top, celebrating victiry in the National championship of Russia.

The head coach of the team: the head coach of the select team of Russia Alexander Kabanov.

The coming match is expected to be very hard for both teams. For "Shturm" it will be not easy to conquer Kazanians at home. For "Sintez" it will be difficult to play psycologically - the players lost the first match in Chekhov 6:10 and will have to do their best at home to prolongue the final series. If "Sintez" manages to win tomorrow, the third decisive match will place again in Chekhov - so as the team was the 1st in the regular season, while Kazanians were the 2-d.

The gold point match will start at 18.00 April, 26 Moscow time.