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8 December


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Spartak Volgograd

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On 21 September "Sintez" Kazan left for Kazan to get via Geneve to Aix-les-Bains, a French town, located deep in the continent, to host the coming Europe Cup QR1. 

"Sintez" went to enjoy the season's debut, having  full bench of players, but for the National team members, involved in the European qualification games. 

Roaster "Sintez" Kazan QR1 Europe Cup

Goalkeepers: Dmitry Dudkin, Anvar Galimzyanov.

Defenders: Filip Klikovac, Yury Yatsev, Albert Zinnatullin, Kirill Tikhonov.

Forwards: Dmitry Elizarov, Konstantin Stepanyuk, Adel Latypov, Nikolay Shepelev.

Center forwards: Alexey Ashaev, Igor Pliskevich, Thomas Shertvitis.

"We will arive around midday in Geneve, and we expect to reach the destination site around 02.00p.m. I believe, we will have enough time to rest before the competition, - says Irek Zinnurov, "Sintez" Kazan head coach. - Around 07.00p.m we are determined to have a training at the competition site". 

On Competition Day 1 "Sintez" will play the hosts, followed by "Sabadel" from Spain, Izraeli "ACE" and "Chios" from Greece. According to Irek Zinnurov, he expects to have especially serious clashes fighting against Spaniards and Greeks.

"We know, that our opponents are very strong, - comments on the head coach. - "Chios" is a well-built club, regularly playing in Europe on the top. "Sabadel" is an ambitous squad as well, having at least 3 National team members in its roaster. One of the is center forward Peres, who could be very dangerous in attack. Although we may have the luck not to meet him and his National team members there at all, since team Spain is at the moment is busy preparing for the European Qualification match against Russia". This is the very reason, why "Sintez" will not have 3 of its first row players in France. Artem Odintsov, Pavel Khalturin and Kirill Novoksenov are now in Kirishi with the National team Russia. All three have spent a very fruitful summer, winning silver at the 2011 World Summer Universiade in Shenzhen".

According to LEN regulations, 4 best teams from each QR1 Group will win the pass to the QR2, is due to take place witin 7 - 9 October, 2011.