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Russian championship: Round#6

8 December


Which team has got the best chances to win the 2011-2012 Russian Championship?

Spartak Volgograd

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Best water polo players of the National Championship


"Super stars team" of the National championship of Russia 2005 - 2006

1. Ilya Smirnov
2. Alexander Fedorov
3. Vitaly Yurchik
4. Alexey Panfili
5. Vladimir Basik
6. Dmitry Stratan
7. Marat Zakirov
8. Irek Zinnuriov
9. Serguey Garbuzov
10. Alexander Aksenov
11. Alexander Eryshev
12. Serguey Lisunov
13. Revaz Chomakhidze

The best goalkeeper: Ilya Smirnov й защитник: Деян Савич

The best defender: Dejan Savic

The best forward: Alexander Aksenov

The best central forward: Branko Pekovic 

The best referees: 
1. Alexey Krapivin
2. Irfan Sadekov
3. Alexander Galkin
4. Serguey Antciferov
5. Serguey Naumov

MVP spectators awards: Thomas Schertwitis (central forward "SINTEZ KAZAN)

We suggest to all the fans and our collegues from water polo club to express their opinion concerning the mentioned above nominations.